Are you ready for NEHR?

//Are you ready for NEHR?

Are you ready for NEHR?

  • Security: We have implemented security framework commonly adopted by government, banks and financial institutions.
    • Symantec Class 3 ECC 256-bit EV CA G2 encryption: The most powerful form of encryption to protect data in transit.
    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • N-Tier Architecture
    • Single-Client-Single-Database Approach: High data security and better performance
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud: Certified MTCS SS 584 Level 3 (Multi-Tier Cloud Security Singapore Standard)
  • EMR Capabilities: Clinic Assist Software is integrated with MIMS (drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy and duplicate therapy checks), lab results, clinical decision support features. Unlike some self-proclaimed EMR applications which just digitized hardcopy documents, with no actual EMR function.
  • Integration
    • CHAS enquiry and submission
    • CDMP enquiry and submission
    • Flexi-medisave enquiry and submission
    • CIDC submission
    • SFL enquiry and submission
    • Vaccination submission (2018)
    • Infectious diseases submission (2018)
    • Medisave submission (2018)
    • NEHR context switch (2018)
  • Integrated Mobile Apps
    • Patient Recall & Instruction
    • Queue Request
    • Appointment Request
    • Patient Self-Registration
    • Medication Reminder
    • eHealth Records
    • Health Events
  • What’s more, funding is available!
    • iSPRINT Grant: claim up to 70% qualifying costs
    • Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV): S$5,000
    • PIC (till 31 Dec 2017) 40% cash rebate and 400% tax rebate
    • NEHR early contribution incentives.

Things to take note when choosing a clinic management system:

  • Will the vendor be capable to fulfill the Ministry’s stringent security requirements?
  • Are they capable to deliver NEHR contribution and necessary support from sign up, testing, data error rectification and audit process by MOH?
  • Is the software built on open source development tools? (Vulnerability of hacking)
  • Are they using unstructured database (NoSQL is not recommended for CMS by Microsoft and AWS)?
  • Where is the origin of the software and its owners? Creditability of the company? Single shareholder (continuity concern)? If incident such as data leak happens, will they be here to back you or pack up and leave?
  • Do they have the support capability – such as local physical office (not just registered office), supporting staffs, multi support lines (not divert to mobile line), incident management process, local development team (not outsource).
  • Understanding of local legislation, common healthcare practice and IT best practice.
  • Good relationships with Ministry, statutory board, Vendors, TPA etc.
  • Software usage is compliance with legislation, patient safety, PDPA, financial accountability (allowing user to do or modify as they like without compliance)

Clinic Assist Software (CAS) is a tested, reliable and safe choice. We have more than 1,500 clinics using us with 15 support staffs and 15 developers in our local office. We don’t just promise you things, we DELIVER them with compliance.

Our web-based CAS supporting following operating:  Windows, Mac, IOS, Android.

Please feel free to contact us at (65) 6563 2435 for any further query.

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