Daikin: Streamer Air Purifier

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to affect our daily lives, many of us have opted to stay at home to minimise the risk of catching the disease. While staying in may allow us to be safer from the coronavirus, our health and that of our loved ones may very well still be threatened by other harmful particles indoors.

Beyond simple irritants, certain air pollutants present in your home could potentially be deadly, particularly so for vulnerable folks, such as senior citizens and young children.
Daikin’s Streamer Air Purifier is proven to remove up to 99.9% influenza viruses, bacteria, allergens and pollen.

No one should have to worry when spending time with their loved ones at home!
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Daikin Streamer Air Purifier


  • Area Coverage: 31 m2
  • PM2.5/Dust Sensor
  • Odour Sensor
  • Deodorizing Filter
  • Steamer Discharge
  • Low Noise

H500 x W270 x D270mm
Weight: 6.68 kg
Power Consumption: 13 Watts

Price: S$499.00