On 6th August 2021, MOH sent a circular on cybersecurity – MOH Circular No 1052021_06AUG21_Healthcare Cybersecurity Essentials.
Under the “Secure data, detect, respond to, and recover from breaches” section, a list of items was recommended by MOH.

Below are our feedbacks to doctors & clinic owners with regards to the items.

1. Administrator & Account Management
Clinic Assist comes with user management module. It allows you to allow or deny user access to all functions.
Please ensure you setup & control the user access rights base on their job requirements. DO NOT assign full access rights to any of your staffs.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication
Clinic Assist comes with 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) feature.
Please contact us to activate the feature.

3. Security Patches, Malware Protection, Network Perimeter Defence
We implemented malware tools for our servers & patches are applied within 7 days for normal patches & within 1 day for urgent patches.
Clinic Assist is designed in multi-tier architecture with Virtual LAN network isolation.

4. Backups & Audit Logs
Daily backup and audit trails are part of Clinic Assist solution. The backups are stored securely in Microsoft Azure storage system.

5. Outsourcing & Vendor Management
Our terms of service are stated in our SaaS Agreement.

6. Incident Reporting
Incidents are logged & tracked through Ticketing System

7. Cybersecurity Awareness
We conduct regular cybersecurity updates to our staffs.
You need to conduct regular cybersecurity briefing & updates to your staffs.

*The function and features mentioned above are available in our web-based version only.
*If you are using other software (accounting, CRM & etc.) in your clinic, reach out to your vendor and check if their solution meets the requirements.