We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time off your tight schedule to participation in our training session.

On 25th March 2017, we conducted a training & demo session. The response was overwhelming and more than 100 attended the session. We shared our company roadmap and went though some new enhancements of our software. We also setup several demo workstations for users to try out these new features.


1. MISLEADING Information on HSA (Health Science Authority) Regulation on Medicine Labeling by other CMS vendor

We have received calls from users expressing concerns with the regulation based an email sent from another CMS vendor dated on 21st March 2017. We would like to inform you that the information they stated is INCORRECT.

We have a direct meeting with HSA team back in 3rd November 2016 and were told that the new ruling only applies to Repackaged medicine stored in the clinic require to label with “Batch expiry”, “Batch number” and “TP name & Quantity of active ingredient and not during dispensing. Kindly contact HSA if you wish to further validate their misleading claims (Tel: +65 6213 0838).

We would like to take this opportunity to affirm users that Clinic Assist Software is FULLY COMPLIANT with HSA Health Product Act on Medicine Labeling under section 17.


2. Assurance Technology Pte Ltd HAS NOT been acquired by other organization

It has come to our attention that there have been rumors circulating about Assurance Technology Pte Ltd being acquired by another organization. We would like to clarify that the company has NOT been acquired by any organization and those speculations are UNTRUE.

We encourage members of the industry to check the correct facts through ACRA website’s company profile enquiry function and are advised not to be involved in spreading of such baseless rumors.


3. CloudDB and Mobile App 

Clinic Assist offers the option for clinics to host their database in the cloud. By doing so, clinics will be relieved from the hazard of their server hardware breakdowns. Further to that, doctors will be able to access their data anywhere via clinic assist as long as  there is internet access.

eHealthAssist: Patients will be able to use our mobile app to book or request appointments in just a few steps without the need of calling the appointment line. They can do this anywhere, anytime, throughout the year. And with full integration with our clinic assist software’s appointment module, clinics are able to manage and send instructions to these mobile appointment bookings seamlessly.