With an increasing number of chronic disease cases and ageing population, clinics can utilize telemedicine to improve the access to care for patients, by bridging the constraints of distance, time, and cost.

Provide telemedicine services from a familiar platform

We built our telemedicine module on top of Clinic Assist Software as part of clinic services. Doctors are able to provide teleconsult service to patients from their familiar platform with minimum learning and disruption.

  • Secured platform
      • All transmitted signals are ENCRYPTED
      • HIPAA, GDPR compliance
      • Data Centre in Singapore
      • Data protection policy
      • Advance video call technology
  • Simple to setup. Easy to use.
        1. Patient install our mobile apps and request teleconsult with clinic
        2. Clinic add patient to queue
        3. Doctor call patient to conduct video call
        4. Patient receive invoice on mobile apps & make payment
        5. Deliver medicine & eMC to patient
  • Independent of your clinic management system. Able to function as Standalone Module.
  • Competitive rates
  • Runs on Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices
  • Developed by in-house team.


  • 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication)
  • Strong password policies
  • Application access control
  • Encryption for data-in-transit (2048-bit RSA with SHA-256)
  • Encryption for data-at-rest (AES 256-Bit).
  • Multi-Tier design
  • Network/Application firewalls
  • Process monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Security incident handling
  • Microsoft Azure Data Center (MTCS level 3 by IMDA)

Clinic Mobile Apps

  • Manage appointments
  • View patient case notes and images
  • Capture image directly into patient folder
  • Management GUI Report (Branch Performance, Collection, & etc)
  • Staff Clock In/Out

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