Dental Practice

We offers a complete practice management software designed for individual and group dental practices. It helps to manage every facet of the dental practice business, from patient charting and clinical notes to treatment planning, imaging, billing, scheduling, and reporting.

A comprehensive platform to help you manage every facet of the dental practice business

Perform daily tasks on a single platform

We make different systems ‘talk’ to each other to let you perform daily tasks on a single platform. It increases your clinic productivity and data consistency.


  • The only clinic system provider to attained SmartCMS Gold Partner status
  • CHAS, Medisave
  • Auto balance check & Submission
  • Entry Validation & Computation

Dental X-Ray Solution

  • Eliminate multiple entries on different systems – patient information auto flow into x-ray system upon registering in Clinic Assist.
  • Direct launch of x-ray viewer.
  • List of compatible dental x-ray solutions
    • Sidexis, Vatech, Kodak, ClinicView OMS, Digora, Dexis, MiPACS, VixWin, Demaxis, XDR Radiology, Scandora, SOPRO, i-Dixel, Apixia, DBSWin

Improve patients’ experiences at touchpoints using digital services

With the rapid improvement in technology and the shift to a more client-focused mindset,  we assist clinics to make the experience of care better for patients with the use of health technologies.


  • Online Appointment Booking: Make it easy for your patients to book appointment.
  • Appointment Reminder: Improve patient turn-up rate. Fully integrated with clinic calendar.
  • Self-Registration: Save time by allowing patients to pre-register before their visits.


  • Patient Management
  • Treatment Notes
  • Dispense
  • Billing


  • Recall: Proactively message your patients to come back for routine check-ups
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Reports


  • 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication)
  • Strong password policies
  • Application access control
  • Encryption for data-in-transit (2048-bit RSA with SHA-256)
  • Encryption for data-at-rest (AES 256-Bit).
  • Multi-Tier design
  • Network/Application firewalls
  • Process monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Security incident handling
  • Microsoft Azure Data Center (MTCS level 3 by IMDA)

Clinic Mobile Apps

  • Manage appointments
  • View patient case notes and images
  • Capture image directly into patient folder
  • Management GUI Report (Branch Performance, Collection, & etc)
  • Staff Clock In/Out

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