General Practice

GP runs a busy clinic supporting patients with their preventive, acute and chronic care needs. Clinic Assist helps improve clinic operations and relieve their workload by offering innumerable services through advanced features, clinical templates and comprehensive links with SmartCMS allowing clinics participating in Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) to manage subsidy claims easily on a single platform.

Supporting every step of the patient journey, automating tasks, raising clinic efficiency and improving patient experience.

Check and claim CHAS subsidies with simple clicks

Clinic Assist is the first private clinic system provider to attained SmartCMS Gold Partner status in April 2022. It is built with logics to assist users to validate and compute subsidy claims. Users can check balance, submit and monitor the status of the claims through Clinic Assist. They do not need to access MHCP portal to manually submit and monitor their claims. All the tasks can be done on a single platform – Clinic Assist.

  • CHAS, CDMP, Flexi Medisave
  • Clinical Indicators Data Collection (CIDC)
  • Screen-for-life (SFL)
  • Vaccination and Childhood Development Screening Subsidies (VCDSS)
  • PHPC Flu Subsidy Scheme (FSS), Swab And Send Home (SASH)
  • PHPC Haze Subsidy Scheme (HSS)
  • CHAS Appeal & Accreditation
  • Communicable Diseases Live & Enhanced Surveillance (CDLENS)
  • National Immunisation Registry (NIR)
  • Critical Medical Information Store (CMIS)

Improve patients’ experiences at touchpoints using digital services

With the rapid improvement in technology and the shift to a more client-focused mindset,  we assist clinics to make the experience of care better for patients with the use of health technologies.


  • Online Appointment Booking: Make it easy for your patients to book appointment.
  • Appointment Reminder: Improve patient turn-up rate. Fully integrated with clinic calendar.
  • Self-Registration: Save time by allowing patients to pre-register before their visits.


  • Integrated Queue Management System: View & call patient queue directly from Clinic Assist.
  • Self-Registration & Consent Form: Patient fill up their particulars & review consent forms at the comfort of their own pace and privacy.


  • EMR: Digitized patient medical records – medical history, doctor’s notes, diagnoses, lab results, medications, allergies, immunization dates and etc.
  • Advanced Case Note Editor: Allow doctor to make complex case note entry easily.
  • Customizable template: Create your own template to handle specific conditions
  • Annotation: Highlight and input notes on picture
  • MIMS Integration: Provides a highly sophisticated knowledge bases that empower practitioner to make critical treatment decisions by identifying if a medicine will interact with the patient’s current medications, health conditions, or known allergies.


  • Dispensing
  • Payment
  • Inventory Management


  • Post-visit survey
  • Mobile Payment


  • 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication)
  • Strong password policies
  • Application access control
  • Encryption for data-in-transit (2048-bit RSA with SHA-256)
  • Encryption for data-at-rest (AES 256-Bit).
  • Multi-Tier design
  • Network/Application firewalls
  • Process monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Security incident handling
  • Microsoft Azure Data Center (MTCS level 3 by IMDA)

Lab & Rad Integrations

  • Innoquest Diagnostics, Parkway Laboratory, PathLab, Reste Lab, Eurofinns Scientific, iGene
  • Lab results (raw data) & Lab report (PDF)
  • Rad report (PDF)
  • eOrdering

Clinic Mobile Apps

  • Manage appointments
  • View patient case notes and images
  • Capture image directly into patient folder
  • Management GUI Report (Branch Performance, Collection, & etc)
  • Staff Clock In/Out

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