A patient care platform designed for primary care providers. Comprises of comprehensive SmartCMS integration allowing users to directly submit claims & data to public healthcare systems.

CA Specialist

A patient care platform that comes with patient management, EMR functions and designed with focus on specific area of medicine to help deliver better patient care.

CA Dental

A patient care platform designed for single or group dental practices that helps manage every facet of the dental practice business, from patient charting and clinical notes to treatment planning, imaging, billing, scheduling, and reporting.

CA Telemed

Our Telemedicine solution allow doctor to perform remote consultation with their patient on a secure and independent platform. It help bridge the constraints of distance to achieve the objective.

CA Patient Apps

An integrated patient app to improve interaction between clinics and their patients. It allows users to request queue, book appointment, set medication reminders, manage health records and track appointments.

All the functions a clinic needs in a single platform

A matured product built with over 20 years of experiences. It comes with comprehensive features that meet the needs of the most demanding clinics.

  • Pre-Consultation: Online appointment booking, Pre-Registration, Appointment Reminder, Patient Self-Registration, Digital Consent Form, Financial Counselling, Triage.
  • Consultation: EMR, Telemedicine, Case Notes Entry, Specialist Templates, Customizable Template, Lab & Rad Reports, Annotation, Referral.
  • Post-Consultation: Dispense Medication, Billing, Appointment Booking, Post-Visit Survey, Share Encrypted Reports & Forms.
  • Miscellaneous: Group Practice, Inventory Management, Accounting, Data Analysis, API integration, HL7 compliance, Patient Mobile App.

With rising cyber threats, security is of paramount importance

Protecting client data has always been our top priority. With the increasing cyberattacks, security is now more important than ever. We implemented measures and stringent processes to ensure our client data is well protected.

  • Microsoft Azure Data Centre in Singapore: Certified by IMDA under Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) level 3.
  • End-to-End Data Encryption: Data in Transit by 2048-bit RSA with SHA-256, Data at Rest by Transparent Data Encryption AES 256-Bit real-time.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) conducted by reputable consultant.
  • Process monitoring, intrusion detection, security incident handling, 2FA, access control, multi-tier design, network/application firewalls, data backup
  • 2FA and strong password policy for application authentication.

We make different systems ‘talk’ to each other to let you perform daily tasks on a single platform

As the industry shift towards a digital focus healthcare platform, integration plays a crucial part to facilitate communication between different systems. It boost the speed of information flows and reduce operational costs, resulting in improved productivity and quality of operations.

At Assurance Techmology, our team of interface experts constantly help clinics to develop cost effective solutions to integrate with our Clinic Assist Software.
We are currently the only private clinic system provider to achieve SmartCMS GOLD PARTNER status (SmartCMS is a platform by IHiS to enable seamless information flow between clinics and public healthcare systems).

  • Clinical Programme Bundle: CDLENS, NIR, CMIS

These integrations allow clinics to submit claims and clinical data directly to public healthcare systems via Clinic Assist Software through simply clicks. Doctors and clinic staffs no longer have to go online to manually submit claims and data.

Further to that, we are integrated with major laboratory and radiology providers to facilitate direct eOrder submission and receive results/reports (HL7 protocol).

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