Our mobile app, eHealthAssist, will be officially launched on 1st June 2017. The app is fully integrated with our clinic assist software and comes with the following features:

Queue Request and Status

Patients can receive real-time updates of their queue status. This allows them to better optimize their schedules and greater flexibility to plan their time before their queue number is called.

Clinics can enable the queue request feature to allow patients to register for their consultations using their mobile devices.

Appointment Booking & Request

Reach out to more leads with our mobile appointment request feature. Patients can book or request appointments in just a few steps from anywhere, anytime, throughout the year via their mobile device.

And with full integration with our clinic assist software, clinics can manage these appointments and send instructions to the patients seamlessly.

Patient Self-Registration

This service allows patients to fill up their personal particulars and self-register themselves with the clinic by simply submitting their profiles to clinic assist software.