Connection Error

Clinic Assist program encountered problem accessing the database server.
Some Windows updates affect the database server existing components.
Hence, it requires a restart of the database service in order to apply the new updates and get the database server to function properly.

Steps to restart database server:

1. Right-click on “My Computer“.
2. Select “Manage“.

3. It will open the “Computer Management” screen.
4. Click on the “Service and Applications” on the left hand side panel.
5. The click on “Services“. You will see a list of windows services on the right hand side panel.

6. Scroll down to “SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)“.
7. Right-click on SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) and select “Restart“.

8. The SQL Server service will now restart.
9. It will show its “Status” as “Running” once the service is back online.

10. Rerun your Clinic Assist Software.

If the issues still persist, kindly contact our support line for further assistance.