We held a briefing session on 3rd march 2018 in SPGG to update clinics on Clinic Assist Road-Map and share information on NEHR. The event was a huge success. More than 200 turned up and we have to redirect some late registrations due to the overwhelming response. Doctors, partners & our staffs get to network together, give feedback and share ideas.

Below are highlights of the event:

  1. NEHR
    – Implication of NEHR
    – Clinic Assist support for NEHR
    – NEHR Certification (https://cms.ihis.com.sg/sites/connectnehr/Pages/IncentivesSupport.aspx)
  2. Clinic Assist Roadmap
  3. Clarification on some speculations
  4. SME Center on Government Assistance Schemes
  5. Microsoft shared about Security & Reliability of Azure platform
  6. MIMS demonstrated Medication Safety with Clinical Decision Support
  7. SGDoc on Bridging GPs & Specialists for Patient Referrals

Thanks you for your continuous support and presence in the event!

We will continue to do our utmost to support you and meet your clinic operation needs.