It has come to our attention that there are some rumors, gossip and “fake news” claiming that Q&M has acquired Assurance Technology Pte Ltd.

It is untrue without factual finding. Q&M has never invested in Assurance Technology Pte Ltd.
You may go to ACRA to retrieve our company profile to verify that non of shareholders are related to Q & M.

Rumors also mentioned that we shared data with Q&M. Note that sharing of client data without consent is illegal and totally prohibited.
AT has been operating for more than 20 years. The company was successfully built based on honesty & reliability.
It does not make any sense for us to jeopardize the company for the minor benefits as rumored.
So please rest assure that as a data intermediary of your system, we do not have the rights to view or share any of your data without your consent.

Please note that it is a serious offense to spread fake information/news. We shall take legal action against anyone who are found circulating such untrue rumors.
We will rewards any person who can point to the gossiper who spread the rumors once we successfully take legal action against the gossiper.