CDMP Integration

This feature allow user to do the following
a) To check patient and other payer CDMP balance
b) Compute the CDMP amount at the dispense module
c) Compute the patient balance after deduction the CDMP amount
d) Include the Patient and Spouse Flexi amount for the co-payment
e) Submit the CDMP claim immediately after payment
f) Check approval and payment status
g) Re-submit for error cases
h) Submit the Amendment e.g. to another payer due to insufficient amount
i) Submit the Cancellation for CDMP Claim

This will greatly reduce your clinic from login into MHCP portal to check balance for each CDMP patient and login again for submission. It reduced errors as our software will compute the claiming amount based on diagnosis input. You can also include both CHAS and CDMP Claim under the same payment.

This feature is Free of Charge

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