FAQ for Healthier SG

Why there is increase in pricing in Clinic Assist for Healthier SG?

This is due to the following

  1. NEHR submission – continue effort to update new requirement and monitoring of submission status
  2. SmartCMS submission – continue effort to update current initiative and develop module for new initiative
  3. Cybersecurity Essential – paying third party for firewall and other security measures, engaging security agency to perform VAPT
  4. Healthier SG enhancement – continue effort to update current module and further development to cover more chronic illnesses
  5. Additional training and support for new requirement under NEHR, SmartCMS and Healthier SG
  6. Increase manpower for support and development

Healthier SG is multi-year and nationwide project and require continue upgrading of our software to follow HSG changes.

With the rapid and enormous  in development of HSG project and increase support for the clinics, we have to increase our development team to build the software with continue changes from MOH and increase our support team headcount to manage the clinic support on the usage and constantly conduct training to let clinic better equip with knowledge on the features and functionality of Clinic Assist.

How would Clinic Assist reduce the administrative work in the clinic?

Singpass Verify are added for patient registration, patient scan with Singpass App and data will flow into patient registration module.

All the SmartCMS submission will be through Clinic Assist, this ease off the need to toggle between MHCP portal and Clinic Assist which will incur transcript errors. Clinic Assist will validate data for submission such NRIC, CHAS status etc., this reduce the rejection during submission.

Lab results data are received from various lab companies and populate to CIDC, PCN CDR, Healthier SG and consultation module for trending. This reduce the need for entering into each module.

Submission of NEHR will be seamless with data capturing are blended into the workflow, no additional steps are needed for inputting.

Clinic Assistant or Doctor will appreciate the auto-computation of co-payment of patient when patient is able to claim CHAS, CDMP, Flexi-Medisave at the same time. Patient are delighted to left the clinic early instead of waiting for clinic staff or doctor (part time clinic assistant are on duty) to compute the co-payment.

We have incorporated PayNow and Nets Cashless feature during payment. Clinic staff need not manually enter amount into the terminate as Clinic Assist will transfer amount to the terminal and patient just tap and pay. Once payment is successful, the clinic assist will receive the successful payment status and update payment status in Clinic Assist without the staff to check against the terminal. This would reduce the need for banking the collection and maintain daily float. It also prevent staff abuse of the collection.

How would Clinic Assist help doctor clinical wise?

Clinic Assist come with chronic template showing all the required information to make clinical decision.

Clinic Assist has incorporated the MIMS feature that would check for drug-drug interaction, drug allergy and duplicate therapy during dispensing.

What are advantages of using Clinic Assist from Assurance Technology?

With over 27 years of healthcare experience, we do not just provide software for entry purposes, we enhanced it with validation, reduce the double entry and blended the entry with the clinic workflow.

We invested in people locally to develop and support clinics and not outsourcing. The staff will have better understanding of Healthcare requirement and provide the necessary support with MOH changes.

We have dedicated person in charge lab and rad results, PCN, SmartCMS and Healthier SG which would discuss with our development team from the same office when there is changes, suggestion from clinic or issue on the usage. This would greatly reduce the latency on rolling out of the software.

How secured is clinic data is being stored?

Data are being stored in Microsoft SQL database and are encrypted with SQL Transparent Data Encryption Technology from Microsoft.

This mean data are unable to decrypt without the encryption key (hold by management team) including Microsoft unlike third party open source encryption method.

Daily we backup the data into another data center and restore the backup to another server to check backup are able to restore. This mean there are total 3 set of data stored in different server in different location.

Why Clinic Assist do not provide offline backup?

As offline backup are stored locally in the PC, it is exposed to hacker transfer the data out from the PC without your knowledge.

We offer user mobile app for users to access which is secured and real time and there is no worry the data did not sync down or not up to date.