This feature allow clinic to accept PayNow as a payment.

During payment patient need only scan the dynamic QR code using their mobile phone and the payment amount will be reflect on their mobile phone. Once payment confirm the payment Clinic Assist will be automatically updated.


  • This reduce the clinic on having higher float for changing.
  • This reduce the need to carry large amount of cash to deposit into bank.
  • Different between static QR code and dynamic QR code
Static QR code Dynamic QR code
Staff need inform the amount to pay Automatically appear in the mobile
Patient need to manually enter the amount Automatically appear in the mobile
Patient need to inform staff payment has gone through Automatically appear in Clinic Assist



(1). 7” Monitor or (2). mobile phone with mCAS app

Please email to register your interest.

Staff from the bank will arrange to meet and brief you on account setup details.